Bamboo Poles

We propose treated poles from Indonesia of mainly 8 species which are the main ones traditionally and most reliable for construction and home projects, with basic name and description as follow:

  • Yellow - diameters 5 to 9 cm (Apus )
  • Yellow - diameters 10 to 22 cm (Petung)
  • Black - diameters 5 to 9 cm (Wulung)
  • Black - diameters 10 to 22 cm (Petung Hitam)
  • As well as other type of bamboos such as tiger spotted (tutul), Duri (thick and in zigzag) etc


Length of poles are in standard of 6 meters ; for specific diameters or length (up to 12 meters), please inquire.

All the poles go trough a thorough quality control, cleaning, drying, treatment and storage.