Bamboo V's Wood

We aim to be an active participant in positive environmental change.

There is a growing interest in Bamboo in different part of the world, across industries and in particular architecture and building construction. Rapid and increasing deforestation is clearly a major threat for our future. Bamboo on average reaches maturity within 3 to 5 years, in comparison to 10 to 50 years or more for rain forest hardwood. Furthermore, mechanical properties of Bamboo have clearly demonstrated its benefits, strength and flexibility (refer to INBAR scientific studies and reports).

Bamboo that is properly grown, harvested, treated, processed and used for buildings represents an excellent alternative to wood and even to other building material such as steel (bamboo dowel, beams..), plastic products (bamboo mats..), fiberglass (engineered bamboo..). Bamboo is already being used to substitute wood at a very fast pace, in Indonesia and overseas.

As to leverage on bamboo as a wood replacement, we have also partnered with a company established in Jogyakarta since 2005 specialized in Preservation and Bamboo buidling ; and another one leader in Wood Processing for over 20 years ;
We see Bamboo as having similar function of woods, although with characteristics and properties under-valued.

As other type of wood, bamboos selection is a key criteria for long term quality product. Forestry coaching over the time ensures harvesting is done in a sustainable way. Each of our tree is carefully selected, marked and harvested in a proper way, following traditional good practices. An experienced team is hence always on the field, in bamboo forests. Such good practices are such as harvesting only during the dry season, the right moon, right locations (sun exposure, humidity..).

Even more than wood, Bamboo must go through a process of treatment (leaching, curing, drying, and treatment against fungus, bugs and termites...). Avoiding so create dire consequences, be on aesthetic point of view (mold stains, spots..), mechanical (cracks, volume changes..) or attacks by insects (boring beetles, termites, fungus) that will decrease drastically the bamboo life time and the building strength.