Bali Bamboo Homes

Bamboo Home Solutions is a company based in Indonesia. Bamboo Home Solutions main focus is on the treatment, processing and building of Bamboo products.

We believe that Bamboo is:

  • a viable building material
  • a sustainable building option
  • an exciting and innovative building material

Bamboo Home Solutions draws from a wide network of expertise and knowledge. We realize that the best solutions come with collaboration and utilizing the growing wealth of local and international history and experience in Bamboo:

  • Forestry
  • Treatment
  • Building
  • Architecture and design
  • Innovation

We collaborate with individuals and teams that have worked for several years in bamboo harvesting, preservation, processing and design and construction.

Our offices are based in Bali, Jakarta, Jogyakarta, Surabaya.

In order to provide premium quality processed bamboo products, our production centers in Java and Bali are equipped with world class machinery.